We believe that the best holidays don’t happen by chance. They’re a culmination of thoughtfully crafted experiences put together by passionate locals who are eager to show you a much-loved place through their eyes. North Malabar Tour Packages,

Kannur is not just a city for us, it’s an emotion, it’s our little piece of paradise, it’s home. Our parent company TravelEzy was born out of a need to provide destination management services to the North Malabar region. Go Kannur has been conceived with a desire to put our hometown on the map. We are a team of senior global aviation and tourism experts and businessmen with collective experience spanning India, the Middle East and Europe. We are united in our commitment to contribute to the economy of the region through responsible tourism of the highest professional standards.

Authenticity is at the heart of all we do and we strive to do this through our array of customized packages and special interest and guided tours. Allow us to initiate you into a world where you’ll always be greeted by a smile, the offer of a piping hot cup of Chaaya(ചായ-Tea) and the renowned north Kerala hospitality.

From something as simple as nudging you in the direction of the best place to tuck into a local seafood meal to divulging a lesser known cycling trail that will lead you to a serene stretch of beach, we’re all about turning everyday moments into special memories. North Malabar Tourism,North Malabar HomestaNorth Malabar Tourism,North ys, Kannur Trourism, Kannur Cycling Trails, Wayyanad Tourism, Wayyanad Homestays, Coorg Tourism,

Why Us

We believe that you’ve not really experienced a place till you’ve seen it through the eyes of a local. In an age of website-generated reviews and information, we believe in going the extra mile and assuring customers of a personalised touch. Whether you seek tried-and-tested tour recommendations, accommodation options that have been vetted by us or simply a friendly face to connect with when you arrive in a foreign destination, be assured of the highest professional expertise and know-how.

Our job is to make your visit as memorable as possible, so sit back and enjoy your time in North Malabar while we take care of the little details. North Malabar Tourism,North Malabar Homestays, Kannur Trourism, Kannur Cycling Trails, Wayyanad Tourism, Wayyanad Homestays, Coorg Tourism,

Our Mission

We consciously seek to embody the very premise of a destination management company, which is to serve as a one-stop shop with localised expertise and personalised connections with vendors in Kannur and the North Malabar region. We strive to establish this region as a niche destination for unique and authentic experiences.

We believe that the only way to do things is by advocating responsible tourism and by working closely with all stakeholders. This extends to us collaborating with airport authorities, tourism boards, tourist attractions, museums, wildlife sanctuaries, hoteliers, homestay owners, serviced villa owners, activity operators, transportation suppliers, Ayurveda centres, cooperatives, local artisans, bakeries and retail shops. We believe the only way forward is by raising others along with us and by giving the entire economy a boost while doing what we do.

The Team

Mr. AK Nizar

Senior aviation expert with experience in leadership roles with international airlines including British Airways, Scandinavian Airlines System, Gulf Air and Thai Airways. Part of the core start-up team leadership team of Air Arabia and worked as the Head of Commercial for the airline. Currently works as a management consultant for Air Arabia and is the Managing Director of Go Getters Sports Academy, Kannur.

Mr. TTP Mahamood

Businessman – Managing Director of Aysha Hosiery and Managing Director of Best Plywoods. Executive Director of Go Getters Sports Academy, Kannur.

Mr. CTK Nasir

Businessman, Sports enthusiast and Promoter. Engaged in logistics business NUCAF, Dubai. Owner of NUCAF Tellicherry Cricket team. Executive Director of Go Getters Sports Academy, Kannur.

Mr. Rajesh Nambiar

Tourism professional with 23+ years experience across domestic, inbound and outbound tourism. Previously Executive Vice President at leading FIT wholesaler Ottila International Pvt. Ltd.